Using WordPress?

Easily check whether a site is using WordPress as a Content Management System (CMS)!

WordPress Detector Tool

According to the WordPress team, 39% of the web is built on WordPress, due to how easy it is fo anyone to set up one.

There are already tons of available plugins and themes to choose from to suit your specific requirements with or without coding knowledge prior to setting up your very own WordPress site. This makes WordPress arguably the most established free and open-source content management system (CMS) available on the market.

Note: WordPress is written in PHP and paired with a MySQL or MariaDB database.

With a WordPress Detector Tool, you can check whether a site uses WordPress. 

You can use many WordPress detector tools to check websites, be it a web application or software add-on.

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The Traditional Way to do things

Traditionally, you can check whether a site uses WordPress by simply viewing the site’s page source. 

Things like “wp-content”, or rather, any class or ids that start with wp are dead giveaways to a site using WordPress as its content management system.

Over time, tools such as the one you are on right now popped up everywhere on the Internet, significantly reducing the effort required on the users’ end. 

Usually, all you need to do to use such tools is to key in the desired URL

So what's so different about Guidesify's WordPress Detector?

While other tools focus on bloating it with multiple features, this tool focuses on simplicity and reliability. 

Guidesify’s WordPress detector utilises several methods of checking whether a site is using WordPress as fail-safes. The tool also uses proxies and headers to bypass harsher security settings on certain sites.

Since the tool is available as a web application, you can bookmark this page and use it on any of your devices.

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