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What is Domain Authority (DA) Page Authority (PA) Spam Score ?

If you are new to search engine optimisation (SEO), domain authority, page authority and the more recently introduced spam scores are all search engine ranking scores/metrics developed by Moz. 

Moz is a software as a service company that specialises in SEO software development since 2008. That being said, these developed metrics are all third-party guesstimates of how well your site would rank on the SERPS, otherwise known as search engine results pages. Such metrics, which also includes Ahrefs’ Domain Rating (DR) metric, are not metrics used by Google in determining search positions and has ZERO effects on the SERPs.

Attaining a high PA and DA score may not necessarily mean that your page will rank without fail but merely indicates the ability to rank in general. 

Word of advice: Don’t rely too much on these metrics and adhere closely to Google Webmaster’s guidelines instead, i.e., curating excellent unique content and making sure the page is fast and mobile-friendly.

What about spam score then? Spam score is a historical measure of the number of sites with similar features as your domain which Moz had found to be penalised or banned by Google. Again, this metric is based on Moz’s machine learning model which you can find out more on their official FAQ page

What is this SEO tool for?

There are a number of different bulk checkers available online that help users easily check a whole list of URLs for its DA and PA score. We even wrote about it here.

Some of these checkers have URL limits (like ours), some display outdated/cached results and only update their databases from time to time, while the rest offer features that require premium access to their services.

One thing’s for sure – Our bulk checker tool is capable of checking beyond domain and page authority. You can view the domain’s spam scores as well as the number of backlinks pointing towards the specified URL. Note that we are not affiliated with any domain name registrars or any third party search engine optimisation tool and agency.

Our tool will run faster than most checkers as we will chunk your URLs as a single request. This means that checking 50 URLs or a single URL on our SEO tool will take roughly the same amount of time. 

So if you’re the kind of guy who needs to check batches of URLs at one go, this may be the right tool for you.

Sounds like a premium feature? 

Nope, it’s free!

All we need is your email. We promise we won’t spam (like really).

You Can Even Export SEO Results!

Yep, we are not kidding.

This feature is usually a premium feature offered by everyone in the market, but we programmed it and are literally giving it to you for FREE. 

Use it to your heart’s content. Or even better, use our tool as part of your own SEO consultancy services. Think we did a good job? Buy us a coffee and keep the server running.

Select your preferred export options which include copying to clipboard, .xls, .csv, .pdf, or open up the print dialog. 

What's Ranking Potential then?

Ranking potential, or RP for short, is a proprietary guesstimate metric developed by the Guidesify Team. It’s a bold attempt to help newbies make sense of the SEO data they are presented with. It currently includes a number of factors that we take into account, both Google and non-Google metrics, to grade the URLs on a letter basis. Here is a quick brief of our grading system: 

Want Even More?

Need more power from our tool? Contact us here and we can create on-demand personalised spreadsheets that will automatically update on a twice-a-day basis. 

Go beyond the front end and stay ahead of your competition.

List of Known Errors

The Domain Authority Checker: Bulk SEO Tool By Guidesify is a very new tool and we strive to improve it as much as we can. Do email us at [email protected] if you spot any errors while using our online tool:

  • Unable to check and its related sites. SOLVED: July 2020
  • Has an error rate of 0.001% due to our tool being blocked by some sites. SOLVED: July 2020
  • Some sites may redirect our tool to another URL, causing recorded metrics to deviate occasionally. SOLVED: August 2020