Using PHP?

Check for any PHP integrations!

A Brief about PHP

PHP is a back-end development programming language. Originally stood for Personal Home Page, it is a recursive acronym – Hypertext Preprocessor.

PHP is often embedded in HTML for web-page development. It is added in the simple HTML Code and is used for database management many popular databases like MySQL, Oracle and more. 

Many websites use PHP as it is a server-side scripting language. It is designed to run interactive pages and effective applications. Almost every platform supports PHP, be it Linux or Windows. By its nature, PHP is a forgiving language – it allows the developer to change code or modify the web page easily. 

Not to mention, PHP is open-source and has high scalability.

Why use PHP Checker?

Every site uses PHP.

Guidesify’s PHP Checker is a step towards professional web development. It is simple to use, informative, and authentic. 

Just write/paste the URL of your preferred website and let the tool do its magic. 

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