Using Google Analytics?

Easily check whether a site is using Google Analytics & Google Ads!

What is Google Analytics?

It is a powerful service or tool by Google, which comes in handy to measure the performance of a website and aggregates information about its visitors, hence the name Google Analytics. Web professionals use Google Analytics to improve and monitor SEO performance from the top referrers to your website to bounce rates and more.

How to know if Google Analytics is working properly or not?

  1. Web traffic should be checked in real-time:
    When Google Analytics is first configured, it typically takes minutes to show the traffic of your website. However, under Admin > Property > Tracking code, you should be able to see whether the cookie is functioning correctly. There’s even a ‘Send test traffic‘ button which is particularly helpful for development sites. It is the fastest and simplest way to check whether you have set up the tool correctly or not.
    Alternatively, one can also go to the real-time reports to check whether the tool is functioning properly or not. 

  2. Analytics tracking code can be viewed in source code:
    It is another easy way to verify that the tool is working properly on a website. You may take the help of a keyboard shortcut for viewing your site’s source code. Press the keys Ctrl + U if you are using Linux or Windows Operating System. Use Command + U on Mac.

Uses of Google Analytics

Data visualization

Data can only become helpful when you are able to make some sense out of it. Google Analytics offers the benefit of data visualization, which is a top reason to use it. The tool offers different types of metrics-lists, pie charts, graphs, charts, and spreadsheets among others. All these will help you to know the performance of your website.


Another important reason to use this analytic tool is that it is available completely free of cost. One does not need to provide credit card details, subscribe or buy it. The only necessities are to have a Gmail account, as well as, the capacity of installing a tracking code on a website. You are now all set to go.