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Check the expiry date of any domain with ease!

A domain expiry checker, is an extremely important tool that we all need to make use of from time to time. Anyone of us, who currently owns a domain, needs to be aware of the fact, that this domain will expire at a certain point of time.

Of course, one might say that such a function is already embedded in most domain registrar service providers. So what’s the point?

Use the tool to spy on others of course!

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What happens when a domain expires?

Now, many of us may be curious as to exactly what happens when a domain expires? 

As and when a domain expires, all the activity related to it completely stops happening. Hence, all the services you make use of, that are attached to this domain name stop functioning completely.

 This is considered disastrous since the lapse in domain renewal will lead to reduced traffic to the website, and even a drop in search rankings.

And it cannot be more true in Google’s case. In 2015, an ex-Google employee managed to buy the domain ‘google.com’ for a mere $12.

The renewal process is dependent on the extension being used, and the registry rules followed. In some cases, you can renew the domain subscription without reaching the expiry date. In other cases, you can renew it on the day of the expiration.