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Domain Age Checker Tool

Domain Age checker tool is primarily built to calculate the age of a domain. With Domain Age Checker tool, you can easily calculate a domain’s age. It includes the precise number of years, months, and days of its registration.

Before we understand the importance of checking the domain age, let’s first see what a domain age means.

What is Domain Age?

In simple words, Domain Age determines how old a domain is. It tells since how long a domain has been into existence. A domain’s age remains the same irrespective of the change in ownership. So, even if multiple people own a domain over a period, the domain’s age is calculated since the day it was first registered.

Why Should You Check A Domain's Age?

Several reasons make checking domain age necessary but the foremost being its impact on SEO rankings. Businesses also consider domain age when purchasing a domain to determine the price and check a domain’s reputation.

Check Domain Age for SEO and Google Rankings

Businesses use domain age checker for SEO purposes. A Domain’s age is very crucial for the SEO and Google rankings of any website because:

  1. Backlink Profile
    Search engines look for backlinks while determining the ranking and authority of any website. Some aged domains have some quality backlinks and thus perform better in terms of SEO.

  2. Search Engine Rankings
    Older domains have more authority and are given more preference by search engines than new domains and have more trustworthiness in search engines’ eyes.

How to Use The Domain Age Checker Tool

Checking any domain’s age is quite simple with our tool: enter the URL and press the check and subscribe button to retrieve the age and other domain-related information.