Which Domain Registrar Registered

Check any domain's registrar (e.g. GoDaddy)!

Maybe you have lost sense of time while going through a captivating blog or got bemused by the user-friendliness of an uber-cool website.

Regardless of which, it has probably aspired the Sherlock inside you to initiate a detective mission (which is why you’re here…obviously).

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Domain Registrar

A domain registrar is an entity or organisation that helps you to purchase and register a domain.

Nearly all of these registrars provide tools that aid you in search for available names. Domain registrars make it a smooth process for you.

Once you have locked on to your choice of domain, all you need to do is fill in all the requisite details and, of course, make the payment.

These domain registrars do not sell the domain names outright to you. Akin to an apartment on rent, you get to lease the domain name you have bought for the specific period mentioned in the contract.

To quench your curiosity further, here are the top domain registrars for you to check out.

Top Domain Registrars

Guidesify's Domain Registrar Checker

With Guidesify’s domain registrar checker, you can find the requisite information in only a few steps. 

  1. Insert the link of the website/blog.
  2. Provide your email address. 
  3. Click on “CHECK & SUBSCRIBE.” Rest assured that newsletters from the Guidesify Team are extremely rare occurences.
  4. After loading for a few seconds, voilà! Your requisite result will flash on the screen. That is, you will get the domain registrar’s name on the screen.